Obese Jacky – September 2018, week 6, 1/9/18

10 days later, updated weight: 78.6kg, waist: 34.6″. About 0.5kg of weight loss. Almost 1 Inch dropped on the waist line. These are the workouts from 21/8/18-1/9/18:-

  • Mon: Circuit training (30mins)
  • Tuesday: Tabata (30mins), Les Milles Body Combat (1hr)
  • Wed: TRX circuit training (30mins)
  • Thurs: Circuit training (45mins)
  • Fri: Tabata (30mins), Les Milles Body Balance (1hr)
  • Sat: Les Milles Body Combat (1hr)
  • Sun: Rest/ Recovery

Tabata was founded in Japan by Izumi Tabata. It is a high intensity interval training conducted typically in a circuit format. The method is designed so that each exercise lasts 4 minutes long, going through 8 intervals of 20 seconds at a very high intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest. Althernatively 2 exercises can be combined for an 8 min round at intervals of 40/20. Participants are encouraged to go at their max in each interval. Tabata training is known to improve both the aerobic system as well as the anaerobic system and is appropriate for participants looking for the next challenge in their fitness.

Ref: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-intensity_interval_training

30mins of High Intensity really burns the fat fast. Every session of Tabata/ circuit training makes me breathless and sweat is dripping on the workout mat profusely. If “no time” is your excuse of not working out. Try tabata and circuit training. 30mins is enough to burn the fats and calories. It’s a workout that builds your cardio, strength and endurance.

Obese Jacky – August 2018, week 5, 21/8/18

After another 11 days, this is my progress. Updated weight, 79.1kg and waistline 35.5″. My body is getting used to the habit of hitting at gym twice a day. During lunch time and after work. Below are the workouts and calories burned my apple watch/iphone.

My diet had changed. I am more calories conscious about what I eat. No more fast food, chocolate, ice cream, dinner after 8pm. It’s a very mathematical equation. By staying in caloric deficit and you begin to shed off the pounds (lbs) from your body.

Nasdaily, my inspiration

Words couldn’t describe how fascinated I am to see Nas in Singapore. Attending his seminar and listening to how he kept on doing his videos and posting it everyday without fail. No matter what challenges and difficulties he had faced it.

Time for me to be back in action for my wordpress stories.

Guns N Roses Concert 2017, Singapore – NOT IN THIS LIFETIME…

Slash (Saul Hudson), Axl Rose, Duff Mckagan from Guns N Roses came to Singapore for concert. Location Changi Exhibition. A place that is so remote that you could truly experience open air concert and standing for a 3 hours setlist head bang. We bought the bus tickets from Sistic in advance. The queue was fast but in my left u could see 500 people in line waiting to buy the bus tickets before they could board the bus. Journey took about 35mins to reach. We walked toward Pen B entry and the line without bags are moving  faster. We are tagged by their RFID wristbands. You have to charged the RFID and then proceed to bar to buy your beverages. Waited 40mins to get 2 beers!!!!! Today LAMC productions, organizers of this concert posted on their facebook page apologing and making arrangements for refund of balance stored value in RFID wristbands.


The whole concerts songs from the legendary rock made all audience, singing and swinging their bums. Owning the audience were their tops hits, “Sweet Child of Mine”, “November Rain”, “Knocking on Heaven’s door” and amazing solos from Slash. Encore song was more or less predicted, “Paradise City” and gave the audiene a last burst of energy to stand up and jump!!!!

A disappointment on the arrangement and ushering of bus services. No proper signs, displays on drop off point and ushers to manage to crowd. We unsure  where our bus is heading to and crowd gets rowdy, shout outs, quarrel and whining are heard. It was a massive jam, private cars experienced stationery for 20mins. Took a short nap in the bus and we were dropped off at Expo MRT station at 1am. I could see many others holding their mobile phones also booking thru apps for transportation home. And I am very glad that I managed to book Uberpool with a waiting time of 10mins and reached home at 1.40am. Tired, beated up but it really a “NOT IN THIS LIFETIME….” experiences.

Hiroshima : Itsukushima Shrine, Sunset of The Great Torii

The Great Torii gate was constructed on 1168. Built in about 800 plus years ago. This place and structure was listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. With a height of 16.6m and weighting 60tons. The Otorri stood by itself because of the weight. It was built 200m away from the shore and Shrine.

During high tides, the Otorii looked like it floats on the water. When you take the ferry, you could see it from far. The fun part comes during the low tide. People can walk all the way to the Otorii.

Alan and I walked to the Otorii gate, stood under the gate and looked up to see the mega structure above our head. We enjoyed the scenery and  sunset here. Taking videos, photos and selfies to keep as and share our memories. Below are my favorite 3 shots, “Sunset of the Great Torii”. All taken using a compact camera, Canon S120.